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Big Compost Delivery Day

Big Compost Delivery Day

Hello Everyone,

Today is the big organic compost delivery day…..

Bob and I have been getting ready to have one hundred and twenty five tons of organic compost delivered.

Fifty five ton is going into the Green Field and the rest will be going into the Pond Field……”getting ready” has involved a lot of physical activity as a result we can’t move between the hours of eight at night till eight the next morning!

To prepare for the delivery we have had many things to do to prepare the ground before the compost can be dropped in place. The Green Field area to be covered with the compost was the strawberry area. Bob lifted each and every strawberry plant and then potted them up. Once the new compost has been dropped off in this area, the strawbs will be re-planted alongside where they once were, into the new compost. After the strawberries were cleared the land had to be made weed free and then made completely level.

The area in the Pond Field which is about to have some new compost, has been covered with black weed suppressant covering over the last six months. All the covering had to be removed, which means the stones which have kept the covering in place all had to be removed. No mean task….which is why Bob and I can’t move from eight till eight!

The work will not stop until all the compost has been dropped off and levelled…which will take the next few days. However, once we are finished we will have two very large compost rich areas to sow and plant lovely vegetables.

So, as we are busy, I will catch you all later,

Take care,