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Christmas is coming....

Christmas is coming....


Hello everyone,

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney He Began To Shout

The Elves have been very busy. They have been caring for the pigs, chickens and ducks. They have been planting out thousands of onions and garlic. They have been cleaning the polytunnels (inside and outside to let in any daylight we have). They have been making door panels to stop those pesky rabbits from eating the overwintering crops inside the polytunnels. They have been making mulch and compost for the new season. This is what we do and we will continue doing over the coming weeks. The Elves are also harvesting and packing soooooo many boxes of ‘Local Organic Fresh’ produce to be delivered to you.

This week’s boxes will be delivered as normal, however, our deliveries for next week’s boxes, the “Christmas boxes” will take place on:

  • Thursday 19th December
  • Friday 20th December &
  • Sunday 22nd of December

We are going to endeavour to complete all deliveries on your normal delivery day. However, as we may have lots and lots of orders to deliver or even 10inches of snow…….we have added on an extra day to account for any issues…..we will email you if this happens to be you.

Thank you for all your orders, let’s hope we don’t get ‘stuck up the chimney’ or anywhere else, when delivering to you our lovely customers.

Have you finished your shopping? Or are you like me……haven’t started!

The Elves