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Compost Update

Compost Update

Hello Everyone,

It is November! Where has the year gone? Do we hibernate?

Bob and I both feel that we are hibernating as we have to down tools by four pm. If we have not fed the animals and put the chickens and ducks to bed by this time, then it is lights out….it is so dark by this time. The positive, there has to be a positive, being that Bob and I will use the evening time to plan for 2019! (…and have food at the normal time, not after eight).

The planning will obviously involve our planting and crop rotation plan. We are delighted that we will be considering the new areas in the Pond Field within our plan. Adding the Pond Field has trebled the surface area which we will have available for planting and sowing. Hence the ‘big plan’.

Pond Field Before Pond Field After
As you can see from the pictures above, half of the Pond Field area has had the new PAS100 delivered and levelled. We can safely say that Bob and I have worked really hard to spread the compost. It took a week to complete. We used an assortment of basic equipment- the rake, to the more mechanical equipment- tractor with leveller. Time consuming, however, Bob and I just keep walking over to the field gate and looking at the perfect bed of black compost just crying out to be filled with our organic vegetables. And we can’t wait to start…..first the planning.

Take care,