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Crops Doing Well

Crops Doing Well

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are very well and coping with the changes….and we don’t mean lockdown changes!

Last week we changed the system of ordering back to the online shop. So far so good. The number of lovely customers ordering did increase, but nothing the team could not cope with. Lucy, our crew, helped with harvesting and packing. This was a huge help and Lucy did say that she enjoyed the change of duties.

This coming week, another change. We are going to go back to using the cardboard boxes, but in some cases, still make use of the bags. Logistically, this will enable us make use of the Defender space more effectively and allow Bob to get more deliveries per trip. We will be asking you to return the boxes to allow us to re-use them. We have checked and Covid only lasts up to 24 hours on cardboard so the risk of transmission through the cardboard box is very low. We will only re-use a single box every two weeks to eliminate any chance of transmission.

The crops are fruitfully growing. This makes Bob and I very happy. The tomatoes being one crop which is prolific. We are harvesting the tomatoes while they are just about to ripen perfectly. On ordering, you will receive a mix of tomatoes which, if not the perfect colour, will change over the next few days. They are best kept out of the fridge as they are much sweeter at an ambient temperature. They are sweet as……yummy! (While harvesting we tend to sample the product, so we can vouch for this). There are a number of colours – red, yellow, orange, brown, stripy -and a number of sizes and shapes – small round, medium round, large round, extra large round and oval. They proved very, very popular to you all last week….thank you.

It is a guarantee that the seasons change. With the season change, so the crops change. We have been back in the office (greenhouse). The next seasons seeds are being sown and so far swede, cavolonero, kales, cabbages, beetroots, leeks have all been sown.

Greenhouse One is full, so we will have to crack on and tidy the garlic and shallots (which can be seen, drying, in Greenhouse Two).
On that note, we wish you a good week, thank you for your continued support and for ordering quickly (helps us enormously).

Still Stay Safe,