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Easter is approaching

Easter is approaching

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe it is Easter next weekend? This is when we hope for warmer, sunnier days when we are able to go outside with shorts, t-shirt and sandals on. So for a treat we have a beautiful pic of the Grandsons in Summer attire and feeding the chickens. Enjoy. 

The boys certainly enjoy feeding the girls and collecting the eggs. However, they have not had much opportunity to have a play in the chicken run as it has been far too muddy…what with the rain tap running from above for what seems like the last six months!

The weather man has informed me that we are in for a cold spell with some, maybe, snow on the hills!!! White Easter it might be? Whatever the weather, Bob and I hope you all have a fab time over the long weekend break.

Traditionally eggs have been associated with Easter time. Not only chocolate eggs, but ‘paste eggs’ too. ‘Paste’ is how I remember hard boiled eggs, at Easter, to be known as. But they could also be described as ‘pace’ eggs or ‘peace’ eggs. Which ever is the correct spelling they all came from ‘pasche’ which is the Medieval Latin word for Easter. 

During these Medieval times hen eggs were given to poor children, by the more wealthy folk, to celebrate the end of Lent. Usually, there was a surplus of eggs as during this time eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent resulting in a surplus of eggs. To be able to preserve and use the eggs…they were hard boiled and so we have the ‘Pasche Egg’…the Easter Egg.

Nowadays hard boiled eggs are colourfully decorated for egg competitions. Our chocolate eggs now come in all designs, shapes and sizes, given as gifts or hidden in gardens or around the house (especially if it is a white Easter) for all children to have fun while looking in the Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Bunnies are also a thing. All these sorts of chocolate shapes are now the new tradition. We have really forgotten the basic premise of the Easter Egg…If we think about it as being for new life of lambs, bunnies and chicks in Spring time, then that is totally acceptable for the little ones to have chocolate for breakfast, dinner and tea!!! Well that is what the grandsons will be eating, and probably grandad Bob!

As it is Easter, we are hoping to deliver all boxes over the Wednesday and Thursday of next week. We are not sure who will have which day as we do not know who is placing an order as yet. Rest assured, your delivery will be one of those two days and yes, we have plenty of our Organic Eggs for you and your little ones to decorate and eat.

Have a good week,