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Glorious Weather

Glorious Weather

Bob and I hope you are very, very well and what glorious weather for half term hols!

We are very happy this week. Not only are our over wintering vegetables coming along nicely. Not only are our directly sown seeds coming along nicely. But we have planted out our broad beans which were sown, in the greenhouse, at the back end of last year and they are also coming along very nicely (as you can see from the picture above). The plants are about eight inches (sorry…..old school) tall and all pretty healthy. The picture also gives a good view of the “No-Dig” bed system we have been setting up over the Winter.

We had enough plants to completely fill polytunnel three and one bed in polytunnel two. We reckon that our organic broad beans will be available from some time late April/early May. However, with this glorious weather…..who knows!?! We may have broad beans sooner than we think!

Bob and I will continue planting out….we have garlic, shallots and early potatoes to go out. The peas will be next to be transplanted out, from the greenhouse, into the tunnels. It feels so like Spring. But we will take care…..we are delighted to have the tunnels, but we do realise that the weather can dramatically change between now and the end of May.

We continue to follow our crop plan, however, we will tweak the plan as we go along….for instance….we have had to move some crops from polytunnel three to fit all the broad beans in the beds….such a Chinese puzzle. Having the plan with our ‘no-dig’ beds, it is quite simple to move things around….we will have a choice of over seventy organic vegetables, fruit and herbs which we will be growing over the seasons this year. That is more than enough to be able to move around….don’t you think!

As the weather is sooooo good, we will get back at it, Till next week, take care,