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Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hi everyone, well it is Hot! Hot! Hot!

Bob and I hope you are all really enjoying this glorious summer weather. It is extremely hot, so enjoyment is the word we are using, but we also realise that you must also take care…..plenty of fluids, factor cream on, take it slow…it’s a mother thing. Seriously, do take care in this heat and sun.

We are taking great care of the animals…plenty of water, shade and mud baths. They take things really slowly when it is hot, none of them ‘do’ much in this heat. They chillax.

Bob and I think it would be nice to chillax, however, as ever….stuff to do. This week it has been intensive work as market gardeners! We have been nipping out the tomatoes, weeding around the brassicas, organising the compost bins with more muck, harvesting, watering (forever watering!), sowing seeds….100% market gardener activity. And we have loved it…back breaking and tiring…but we love it.

The seeds we have been sowing…some are in the greenhouse, but some have been sown directly into the ground. When we have harvested and the crop is finished, we are putting something back in the ground straight away. Firstly we manure the ground then we sow seeds….it is always a quick turnaround.

A crop which is just ready for harvesting now are our lovely strawberries.

Enjoy all this glorious sun,