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In the Greenhouse

In the Greenhouse

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are all well and about to enjoy the beautiful weather which is on its way.

We are delighted that there is a change in the weather as just the simple act of walking to feed the pigs has become soooo much easier……less squelching underfoot.

Our goodies, growing in the polytunnels, are coming along nicely. It is a matter of watering (yes, watering even after all the rain!), and weeding.

I have been spending quite a bit of my time in the greenhouse. The seeds, sown during February, are thriving. Some have already been planted in the polytunnels, the remaining plants (brassicas, courgettes, fennel, lettuces, celery and celeriac), are ready to be planted out in the new, larger, polytunnels. Unfortunately, the ground in the tunnels is not quite dry and ready to accept the plants. Fingers crossed that they get planted out in the next week, after all the lovely sun shine and heat.

The tomato plants have been re-potted. They will be going into one of the new polytunnels along with the peppers and cucumbers, just as soon as it is completely dry.

As it is April, the next batch of seeds have been sown. The squashes and sweetcorn have been sown this week. The remaining kale and winter brassicas will be sown over the coming days…..always busy!