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Interesting Visitors This Week

Interesting Visitors This Week

Hello All,

Well Bob and I have had an fascinating couple of days with lots of interesting visitors.

On Monday we had a visit from sixteen lovely Newcastle University students. They were all on various Master Degree courses which had as part of it an agricultural aspect. They were coming to the end of their course and are all due to submit their final dissertation in the next few weeks. It was their first visit to an organic farm, they all seemed to enjoy it, and we hope the visit helps them in some way towards achieving good pass marks!

Then on Tuesday, as you can see from the photo above, we had a visit from a TV film crew who are filming a three part series that is due to be aired in September. We cant say too much as the TV people are keen to keep everything under wraps until it is all ready to go onto our screens. From our point of view it was interesting to be both in front of the cameras (both Bob and myself were being filmed and interviewed at various parts) and also to see what approaches they use to get the scenes they are after. Again a lovely set of people and we thoroughly enjoyed the process…..and we hope we make the cut after all the editing has taken place.

Well after all that excitement it is back to the “day job”. The aim over the last few days and in the next couple of weeks is to complete the sowing and planting for the Spring/Early Summer crops. A lot of this is all about getting the timing right, trying to make sure we are not too early or too late to maximise the best weather conditions. This can be a bit tricky, for example on Saturday we had snow falling then on the Monday it was like a Summer’s day!

Have a great week,