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Its all in a Week's Work

Its all in a Week's Work

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are all very well.

So, what have we been doing since the last email….

Thursday – we harvested our organic produce and delivered to all of our lovely customers in Newcastle and the Morpeth area. Usual animal, growing and polytunnel duties.

Friday – we harvested our organic produce for the lovely customers of the Tyne Valley. On returning from delivering we harvested and prepared for the Jesmond Food Market. Usual animal, growing and polytunnel duties.

Saturday – Bob spent Saturday in Jesmond, selling our organic produce from our cart. I stayed in the Shire to look after the animals and did lots of organising in the polytunnels.

Sunday – Bob and I weeded in the raised bed area designated for the first of the seventy tons of PAS100 compost. This area is 600 square meters and we weeded every square inch of this area!!!

Monday – the compost started to arrive in a huge tractor and trailer…so big the gate and stone gate post had to be removed. Eventually, we had three deliveries during Monday and we started to rake the compost over the area. Usual duties.

Tuesday – the remaining three loads of compost arrived and more raking. When the edges of the area were filled in with compost we concentrated on the centre. For this we used the tractor and harrow. The harrow was weighted down with two pallets. This helped enormously with the dragging of the compost. It is looking good, but will be completed at the weekend as we are now back to our harvesting and box scheme. Usual duties carried out.

Wednesday – usual animal, growing and polytunnel duties. Email and website is sent to you all and we begin the preparation for the box scheme.

We have certain duties which have to be carried out daily. However, each week is different for Bob and I. This week our backs ache (well every week our backs ache) but we still really enjoy the learning and the growing.

Next week we will share with you photos of the big compost exercise.