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Lots of Harvesting and Re-Planing

Lots of Harvesting and Re-Planing

Bob has been working really, really hard. All the organic squash has been planted (300 assorted winter squash). The organic sweetcorn (loads’n’loads) has been planted. The organic celeriac (unknown number as still more to plant out) has been planted. The organic fennel bulbs (100’s) have been planted. The organic brassicas (toooo many to say) have all been planted. Bob has sown seeds of more organic carrots, parsnip, spring onions and swede.

This is alongside, preparing the ground, measuring up for straight lines, adding volcanic rock dust and organic slug pellets. I am exhausted just telling you!!!

The polytunnels are checked each morning, when the doors are opened and each night, before the doors are closed. It is amazing how our organic veggies grow, literally overnight! For instance, the Calabrese (heads of broccoli) appeared overnight and are now growing at a pace. They begin a very pale green to become the darker green we know them to be. They are looking fab and we all know the added health benefits, especially being organic.

Many of you, our lovely customers, have been getting our organic cauliflower. The leaves around the cauliflower can be used just like cabbage. They do have a cauliflower taste. Try them if you get them.

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