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Lots of Lovely Pork

Lots of Lovely Pork

Morning All,

Bob and I hope you are all very well. We realise lots of you are taking a break, all have a very relaxing and enjoyable time.

We are happy to tell you that organic sausage, organic back bacon and organic streaky bacon are now on our website.

We are having quite a productive week. The most exciting part of this week for us has been sowing French beans one day and five days later the shoots were three inches tall!!!! How amazing is that. The power of warm weather, water and a polytunnel. If the weather is as warm as we have been informed, we should have French beans on the website in October, if not before.

Our older piglets are probably going to be moved to a new area on Friday…..they need to do a little work for us….weeding, eating any remnants of produce in the ground and some manuring for next year. The baby piglets, who are about seven weeks old now!, are well and truly at home. The evening feed is always the fun feed as they are generally playing chasing in the pen. From what Bob and I have noticed the mother pig tends to have had enough of the frolicking from her children, round about the twelve week mark. It will not belong before they will be moved and then they can earn their keep! They are having such fun and they are such fun to watch.

When we are not watching the piglets, Bob and I have been concentrating on making sure we are running smoothly and that everything is in its right place. The reason for this is, not just that we like it this way, but we are being assessed by the Soil Association next Monday. We are assessed each year. Last years assessment was a little beyond a year, hence only five months since the last one. Plus, we have not been checked out at this time of the year before. As everything looks lush and productive we are very happy with next Monday’s timing. However, fingers crossed for us please, as it is always a hard thinking day for us two oldies.