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Lots of Sowing

Lots of Sowing

Hello Everyone,

The weather seems to have been very kind to everyone these past few weeks. Bob and I are very happy as we have been able to be out and about without trudging through wet mud. Our pigs do create some muddy mess, but even their field is “AOK” for walking across when we feed the pigs. Have we been lulled? Is it about to change? Probably.

Taking advantage of the mild weather, we have been able to start off a huge number of our seeds. Greenhouse number one is full to the brim with leeks, lettuce, mustards, aubergines, beetroot’s, peas, broad beans, herbs, celery, Pak Choi, spinach and rocket. (I think I have remembered them all).
The good weather, plus the advantage of the polytunnels, has also meant that Bob has direct sown seeds of carrots, spring onions and radish. These seeds have been placed in our new system of no-dig beds. Then they have been covered with a double layer of fleece.

The polytunnels have quite a lot of ‘over-wintering’ organic vegetables already. They are relishing the mild conditions, growing during this month of January. The polytunnels are priceless at this time of the year. As an extra little help, we have covered the veggies with a double layer of fleece, especially as a change in the weather maybe on its way.

Feeding the pigs happens twice a day, unless we visit at other times and the noise they make is soooo loud that food is the only way to keep them quiet! During this week, on one of the occasions we went to visit our lovely pigs, our “luvly” pigs had escaped into a neighbours field….thankfully, we have fab neighbours plus, we caught them before any damage was done. Bob then had to spend a day and a half securing the fence with extra panels of wood all around the bottom of the fence. Our pigs are such fun, but oh my goodness! they do cause us some grief! But we do know they are very happy pigs…..all in the life of a pig farmer!

We are at the first Jesmond market of the year this Saturday. We will be joined by my niece, Imaya.

Imaya has been entered into a school entrepreneur competition. As she really enjoys cooking, she has created a cookery book which concentrates on healthy options, exercise and mindfulness. Fingers crossed that both Imaya and ourselves do not freeze (as we did in December), and we have a good day.

Take care,