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More Seeding

More Seeding

Hello Everyone,

Well, this week has been all about the sowing of more seeds and the preparation of the polytunnels.

All the seeds to be sown during the month of February are now bedded in the trays of compost. The lovely Lucy has completed the first sowing month (February) and is actually into month number two (March). We have never, ever been this ahead of the plan at this stage of the year. Both greenhouses are “chockablock” with trays of seeds. The heating is on inside these glass buildings and with the sun (yes the sun) shining brightly this week, there is sooooo much happening. The spinach is definitely growing, the mesclun, lettuce heads, beetroot and spring onions are jumping out the trays. The extra propagation units have proved to be such an advantage as the aubergines, chillies and peppers are all showing signs of life. So exciting!

The thousands of seeds sown already, and those still in the plan to be sown, all need a place to go. They will be going into prepared outside areas and also, prepared polytunnel areas.

This week, the polytunnels have all been readied for the these growing seedlings. The prep has mainly consisted of checking the watering systems….we have two methods of watering – ground irrigation and overhead irrigation. The freezing weather can cause a few issues and leaks, thankfully the great Graham has tightened pipe joints, adjusted a few taps and put back on, the sprinklers (they fall off when the temperature freezers and warms back again, ‘expansion and contraction’….who remembers these terms from science lessons at school?).

The overwintering produce inside the tunnels is looking amazing. The cabbages, leaves and beetroot’s are all great, and the onions, spring onions, shallots, leeks, pak choi, chinese cabbages, chard, newly planted broad beans and herbs are growing like a mile-a-minute plant. Thankfully the watering systems are all ok as we need to water these crops regularly. The crops have all had a bit of an MOT. Any yellowing leaves or areas of mould have been removed and placed in the compost bins. Such badness can result in even more bad growth or the dreaded slugs and snails can be attracted to said parts and total destruction of the crops can result. Something we do not want to see, especially as the vegetables have been in the tunnels for up-to five months. We do not want to fail at the last hurdle.

One of my favourite outside growing areas is the herb garden. The smells and colours and the noise of the buzzing bees is amazing in the spring and summer months. The herbs have all started to reappear, these, to, have had an MOT. We are now herb garden ready, outside (picture above) and inside (polytunnel one has many herbs growing already and the greenhouse has trays of new herbs to fill the vacant herb garden spaces). While preparing the garden, I was brushing past the herbs and the smells were amazing, so summery. Roll on!

When and if ordering this week you will see that the chinese cabbage leaves, mustards, mesclun and some herbs alongside the cabbages and beetroot will be on the website this week. Enjoy.

Thank you for your quick response to the ordering, a huge help to us. The new website is coming along very nicely, we are delighted with the web designers progress and advice. For someone who is far from technical, I am really excited for you all to see the new site.

Well, I am going to have a coffee in the green houses and then off to polytunnel ten to tidy. Happy days,

Stay Safe, till next week,