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Mummy's Boy

Mummy's Boy

Hello Everyone,

Funny thing from last week…..last Thursday we rearranged the pigs in the pig pens. We wanted to place the two mums and the boar into the Well Field. This we did. The remaining pigs were all placed in the Orchard Field. This we did. Now it is Friday morning and Bob went to feed the pigs. He went to the Orchard Field first and oh! no!…one of the new piglets was missing. He was not in the sty, he wasn’t in the field, he wasn’t anywhere. It’s a mystery?

The two mums and the boar in the Well Field to be fed next. To arrive at the Well Field from the Orchard, we walk through the Orchard, climb over a stile, across a narrow bridge spanning a ditch, cross a lane and through a gate into the feeding area of the field. Well, low and behold the little piglet had found his way all the way home….to his mum. So funny. Obviously a very intelligent piglet and very much a mummy’s boy so we have left him with his mum.

We are continuing with the no-dig approach. The herb garden is now no-dig. But we also decided to give the herb garden a little face lift by creating stone paths. These paths streamline all the polytunnel area, see photo above. It is still early in the year but it is amazing how many herbs are popping through the ground. This year, we think, our organic herbs will be even more established and productive. The smell in this area is intense, even now, with just a tiny showing, the smell is gorgeous.

At long last, the chickens have started producing eggs again. Keep an eye out for eggs back on our website.

We also have sausages back on our website.

This Sunday we are attending a new market at the Boilershop….The Emporium…..should be interesting. They are show-casing many local food, drink and craft establishments.

Till next week,