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No Deliveries This Week

No Deliveries This Week

Sorry – No Deliveries This Week

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, next week we will not be making any deliveries.

Since lockdown the number of weekly deliveries we are making has doubled, as a result we are spending twice as much time on harvesting, packing and making the deliveries. Whilst this is good news from our point of view, and is exactly the situation we want, it means we are spending much less time out in the fields and polytunnels, looking after the plants that are in the ground, and sowing and planting the next set of crops.

In particular we are getting behind in transplanting the next range of crops. As you can see from the picture above, we have hundreds of transplants that we need to get from our two propagation greenhouses into the fields and polytunnels. This is particularly important at this time of the year as we move from the over Wintering season to the Summer season and we transplant the hot Summer plants such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Aubergines and Peppers.

So next week the prime focus is going to be on getting plants into the ground. We will also be arranging some maintenance tasks that we are behind on, for example the Land Rover is now booked in on Wednesday to get an ongoing problem fixed.

Apologies that we won’t be delivering next week and Bob in particular is disappointed that he won’t be seeing you all.

We will be back as normal the following week.

Take care,