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Open Day is now Sunday 25th September

Open Day is now Sunday 25th September

Hello Everyone,

This has been a really sad week for our country. Whatever we feel, regarding the Royal Family, The Queen has been part of our life. There is a huge sense of history within our country. The pomp and ceremony is always something to behold, and we do it really well. The loss of Queen Elizabeth and the proclamation of King Charles has brought us all together in conversation and gatherings. 

Till the funeral of our Queen has happened, our country is in a period of mourning. Bob and I do realise that moments in our lives, such as now, affect people differently. Many individuals will wish to be a part of this sad occasion and many do feel that we should take time to reflect and remain quiet. Whatever you choose, we wish you well.

Due to the period of mourning and considering your personal feelings, Bob and I have decided that our open day will now take place the following week. We hope you understand.

Change of Date to our Open Day -                                                          Sunday 25th September

Please email us at if you wish to come on this new date. Please say how many will be in your group and if you wish to arrive for the 10am slot or the 2pm slot. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Take care,