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Shift in Seasons

Shift in Seasons

Hello Everyone,

To all who braved the heat of Saturday and the torrential rain of Sunday over our Organic September Open Weekend thank you sooo much for visiting. Saturday was boiling allowing for a very relaxed wander around the fields. Bob enjoyed delivering his ‘talk’ and answered lots of thoughtful questions. Our knowledge was provided and hopefully, some help. 

Sunday started well but, what a difference a day makes. Within an hour and not long into the ‘talk’ the heavens opened and the floods began. Everyone retreated into polytunnel four, as you can see above, with Bob trying his utmost to continue. The noise of the torrents pounding on the roof made it difficult to hear. Then the thunder and lightning arrived  By this time, the lane along the side of our fields, had become a river. This all made for a very dramatic afternoon. Biblical! Nothing we could do but laugh about it all. (Unlike some parts of the world where it is no laughing matter).

The grandsons had an amazing time! The temperature was still quite warm so, being a good Grandma, I had no problem letting the boys run around the tunnels, in all the rain and puddles becoming completely and utterly soaked. The boys had a great time and so did I watching them…a very early bath!

Previously on the website you used to be able to order a Standard Box, then Continue Shopping by going to the Create Your Own Box, and adding "extras" such as a Box of Eggs. Unfortunately a recent website issue meant that this facility stopped being available. However, our Website support team have fixed the issue and this option is now available again.

There are sooo many indicators showing that there is a seasonal shift. I am drawing the curtains, the fire was put on last night while we watched ‘Strictly’, the temperature is dropping and we are coming to the end of many of our crops. Our cucumber plants, for instance, have decided that they have had enough. I think the changeable weather conditions…boiling one day, cold and wet the next then back to boiling…confused these and many other crops. They didn’t know whether they were coming or going! The French beans have given their all, so both the beans and cucumber plants have now been removed creating more available beds for over wintering and oriental crops which can be harvested over the autumn and winter seasons.

It is always exciting to watch the transition from one season to the next. Fresh plants planted out into the fields or tunnels are small but by having them in the ground now, we hope to take advantage of the warmth and light which is still available. Establishing our new crops is of paramount importance. We would like them to be strong enough to survive the coming months, providing plenty of growth which we can harvest for you, our lovely customers.

The Crew have been busy planting out the crops of Chard, Cauliflowers, Cabbages and more. The lovely Lucy has more or less completed the seeding for this year. We got thru it!!! Onwards to the end of this year and starting the next with the new seeds, we are about to order, for the coming seasons and year.

Till next week, keeeeep dancing!