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Has Spring finally arrived?

Has Spring finally arrived?

Hello Everyone, 

Well it would appear that Spring finally feels as if it has arrived. Hooray!!! 

The blossom is blooming in the Orchard Field…the Pear blossom has been out for a while so fingers crossed for a harvest of any description as we have had very cold nights with frost in some pockets. Pear blossom is an early show and it does not take kindly to cold weather. The apple blossom is arriving by the hour with just one tree fully showing and the other trees ready to pop. Above you can see a busy buzzy bee on the first of our apple trees. It is doing a grand job. 

We have also (when I say we I mean Graham the Great) been able to plant out this last week too. More leafy goodies are in the polytunnels. More excitingly…Peas and Sugar Snaps have been planted outside…yes, outside! That is such a good feeling, to be planting outside, we thought the days would never come. We now have to watch those pesky pigeons! 

Bob and I went out out last night. Not party animals in general now. BUT this was a very special party and not to be missed. Bob’s Mum was 100 yesterday and that is something worth celebrating. Great gathering of family and friends. Only one big disappointment…Grandson number 2 was expecting a chocolate birthday cake with diggers on the top. 

So, this is a quick chat this morning as this party animal needs another cup of coffee.

We have rain today but some brighter days ahead for you all to enjoy.

Take care,