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Hello Everyone,

Firstly, Bob and I would like to apologise as we could not make Morpeth Farmers Market last Saturday. We had snow…lots of snow. (I have to admit that I really enjoy seeing the ‘white-out’, but it was quite treacherous, especially when it comes to driving and driving while pulling a trailer!) The snow made it very difficult to harvest any of our vegetables, we made the decision on Friday, to inform the market management, that we could not attend. It did look like Christmas…..Ho Ho Ho!

Well! It nearly is that time…..It can be a mad time of the year. Hexhamshire Organics maybe able to help you a little…..

….just like last year, we are offering an ‘organic festive box’.

The contents of the box will have enough vegetables for a festive meal for four.

The following will be inside your box: sprouts(obviously), potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, parsnips, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber, clementines, lemons, oranges and apples.

If you would like to order a ‘festive box’ please email us before the 16th of December.

Your ‘festive box’ will be delivered to you on the Thursday 21st or Friday 22nd of December (ie your normal delivery day before Christmas).

There will be no deliveries, after the Christmas deliveries, till Thursday 11th or Friday 12th January 2018.

No market this weekend, but there maybe yet more snow!

Take care out there,