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Soil Association Review Time

Soil Association Review Time

Hello Everyone, 

Bob and I hope you are well and wish to say a huge thank you for all the boxes returned last week. This is a huge help, particularly as our latest new batch of boxes have more than doubled in price. Each box costs us more than £1.10, which is why it is great if we can reuse them on a number of occasions. 

Tomorrow we are being assessed by the Soil Association. We have spent many hours gathering all the requirements together - Bob hard at it in the photo! Lots of the information is gathered each week and kept to use as reference from year to year…seeding and crop plans, harvesting records, customer ordering records. Other information can be used for both the Accounts and the Soil Association. Other information, for instance supplier certification and traceability has to be researched. As I have said in past posts, this is a thorough analysis of how we run our business and the methods we use to produce our 

Fresh Local Organic Produce

When you see the stamp of approval…the Soil Association Certification…believe it.

Everything is going well on the farm. We have had lots of snow, ice and freezing conditions. It has looked beautiful at times, but also some concern for the crops is always in the back of our minds. 

Getting back to the paper work,

Take Care and fingers crossed for us,