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Summer at Last!

Summer at Last!

Hello Everyone, 

Well Summer is finally here!!! Hooray!

What grand warm sunny weather we are having. This is just the job! I can now stop complaining and concentrate on all our beautiful crops which are now really happy. They have the warmth of the sun and the bright days of the sunlight. They can now all grow, grow, grow and ripen, ripen, ripen.

The summer solstice has been, which seems to have been the trigger to move the jet stream far, far north allowing the warmth from the south to provide the good conditions. Thank you Mother Nature.

The Crew have been working flat out. The polytunnels are all good to go (apart from the odd bed to fill). The outside growing areas are being filled with brassicas, leeks, kohlrabi, sugar snaps, carrots, and over wintering goodies. This has meant that the beds were prepped, plugs of plants planted out, seeds directly sown, covers for the pesky pigeons placed over the beds and all watered (yes watering is taking place even after the torrential rain during the earlier months!). As you can see above, it is all coming together once again. 

The soft fruit area is ready for all this sun. I can vouch for the strawberries tasting delicious, so can the birds and many other little creatures! More days like we are having and strawbs will be on the website soon. 

This time of the year it is full on at the farm. We have to tend the crops such as tomatoes, watering outside and inside growing areas, water the greenhouses, planting, sowing winter crops, harvest, prep and pack boxes and even more tending. It all takes a huge amount of time, which is very precious to all of us. 

The time is soooo precious I am off to be busy.

Thank you for returning our boxes…huge help to us and the planet.

All have a great week.

Oh, and one final thing. If you are interested in booking a place on one of our Gardening Courses you can only do that when the website is open on a Sunday morning. The rest of the time they are shown as "Sold Out" with the rest of the boxes - this is an anomaly which Bob is trying to work around. However, there are still places available but can only be booked when the website is "Open".