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Summer has arrived!

Summer has arrived!

Hello Everyone, 

Isn’t the weather just gorgeous...summer is here at last. The crew and myself have now got a bit of colour on our body from the shiny sun...or is it muck!? Muck from toiling in the fields! At long last we have filled the Pond Field with lots and lots of organic goodies which will be feeding you over the coming months. Well done to Lucy and Graham. We have a selection of brassicas, a host of onions, leeks, summer courgettes, winter squash, beetroot, kales, sweetcorn and artichokes. They have now all been planted out and the field is full.

In this beautiful weather we will be watering constantly, checking the pecking pigeons and keeping a watchful eye on the cabbage white butterfly, which will be due to make an appearance shortly.

While Bob was at the market on Saturday, I stayed home to carry out the farm duties. At the moment we are keeping the doors of the polytunnels open during the day and night. This helps to keep the temperature low and allows for air flow. However, we do close the doors of the summer fruiting tunnels at night. After all they are Mediterranean crops so tend to prefer higher temperatures. When I opened the doors on the Saturday morning the temperature inside was 42 degrees! Maybe a little too hot, certainly too hot to work in! Thank goodness there is always plenty to occupy ourselves with outside.

I did spend quite a while with the piglets. They are quickly growing and becoming quite inquisitive. They are also becoming a little adventurous and now the fun begins as they go beyond the pig pen boundaries. They are still very cute though, just look at them in the photo above.

Now I am going to hand you over to Bob, and fingers crossed he doesn’t go too techy, as he explains the information re the new website....over to you, Bob...

Hi everyone, the first week of the new website went well for the majority of customers. There were, however, two issues:

1. There was one situation where the timer kept on spinning. This has been resolved by Venture Stream our excellent website development team. This is no longer an issue.

2. Some customers had trouble "logging in". The reason for this is that the new website requires you to create an account - once created you will be able to see your previous purchases from the old website.

If you had previously purchased on the old website but don't have an account set-up you will have been sent an email on Friday morning from, titled "Customer account confirmation". In that email there was a button titled "Activate your Hexhamshire Organics account". If you received that email, click on the button, follow the instructions and your account will be activated on the new website allowing you to purchase boxes from the site.

If anyone has any further issues please contact me at


Till next time, have a good time,