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Temperatures are too high

Temperatures are too high

Hi Everyone,

The daily temperatures are high at the moment - too high for November!

Apparently, we have temperatures similar to the month of May. This is lovely for us humans. However, many members of the animal world may think that it really is May. This is not good. We are in Autumn not Spring. Some creatures (field mice, hedgehogs, bats, frogs, insects etc.) usually begin to hibernate now. They will not be preparing for the coming Autumn and Winter months as they normally do…storing food and making a safe, winter retreat for themselves…but will be thinking that they should be waking up and still out and about around fields. They will become easy pickings.

The plants also may think that the temperature is high enough to grow instead of being dormant. The plants will begin to be confused. They want and grow better in cooler climates. We aim to establish our plants before they grow. We want strong plants, not ones who think they should be flowering and growing quickly. The result being plants going ‘to seed’ and being lost. Some plants can take full advantage of the pleasant weather and you can have a second bloom. These are mainly the flowers giving us a second edition, so, enjoy.

We have a new addition to our crew. Graham the Great has become a dad for the first time. We will miss Graham while he is on paternity leave. But how lovely for him to be able to spend the first few weeks with his new family member.

All the jobs still need to be carried out, the lovely Lucy and ourselves will be slightly busier. But it is the Autumn and Winter seasons, when lots of planning is once again being thought about. Our minds are probably more active than the body. We are beginning to plan for the next year. We are using all the knowledge which we have gained over the previous growing year to help decide the planting, types of crops and the amount of crops we will be planting in the coming year. The weather is very important to our planning, it helps to dictate where we may plant certain crops. Another exciting year to begin.

Bob and I have been carrying out our Grandma and Grandad duties during this weekend. It’s been great but quite tiring. It will be a short journal this week as I need to get back to my caring duties. We will be back to normal and ready to pack and deliver your Fresh Local Seasonal goodies by Wednesday. Very glad you are enjoying your veggies and thank you for returning the boxes. 

Take care,