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Very Windy

Very Windy

Hello Everyone,

Well the snow came and went all within a day. The wind and rain came and has caused quite a lot of squelchy mud. Thankfully one job was successfully completed before all the snow, wind, rain and mud……our Mrs Tamworth pig was been moved into the barn. She is pregnant again and will be delivering her new arrivals some time soon. Bob and I are convinced that will be the end of the month. She is really happy to be away from Mr Tamworth pig. They do bicker like lots of couples, however, he is so greedy and wants all the food we give them. At least now Mrs Tamworth can eat all the food when and how she wants.

The reason we have brought her into the barn is not just because she is pregnant, it is mainly because the weather we are having will not be great for the birth or the piglets. Pigs do not like the snow, the rain and definitely not the wind. Putting her in the barn will just be less anxious for her and us. Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis are not the situations for a pregnant sow! We will keep you updated with any news. OinkOink!

Last year I grew flowers in a new bed in the Green Field. The vast majority were a success. However, those pesky rabbits did enjoy the flowers, leaves and stalks. Overnight they could be demolished. This last week our great helper, Stu, has constructed a wooden fence around our first flower bed. It looks very professional but more importantly those rabbits should not get anywhere near the flowers. I am really looking forward to growing our flowers. They will help with biodiversity, pollination and be gorgeous to smell and see. (Well fingers crossed that is what will happen)

Thank you for ordering your boxes, and for ordering them early in the week. This is a huge help to Bob and I. It means we are able to organise ourselves and be soooo much more efficient…….well that’s the plan.

Take care,