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Weather is too changeable!

Weather is too changeable!

Hello everyone,

Well after the previous week, when the weather was glorious, this week's weather is best described as "changeable". On some days it has been bitterly cold and snowing and on other days it has been bitterly cold, snowing and then, all on the same day, we have had blue sky, sun and lovely warmth.

This variable weather certainly makes decisions on when to plant out very difficult. Currently we have many thousands of seedlings ready to plant out but we can't plant them outside as the risk of cold damage to the seedlings is too great. We are fortunate, however, to have the polytunnels to plant into at this time. The polytunnels offer great protection against the extreme weather conditions, and the polytunnels are the place where we are doing the current set of planting. The planting is all being carried out by the wonderful Lucy who is doing a fabulous job in filling up the polytunnels.

For the outside planting we are probably going to wait until Easter - and even then we will be covering them with fleece.

The photograph above is of Polytunnel 5. In the middle bed we have Spinach, with Chard and Lettuces in the outside beds. In just a few weeks we should be harvesting from this set of plantings.

Another big activity underway at the minute is setting up our new growing area. We are nearly finished putting in the drainage. The drainage has taken a little bit longer than we expected (doesn't everything), but it is nearly finished and should be completed in the next couple of days.

Next steps after completing the drainage is levelling the ground, then putting down a layer of cardboard (thank you Tesco for letting us have lots of cardboard free of charge), then the next task will be to organise the delivery of the compost.

In his spare time (not sure how he is finding any of that) Bob is doing some research as he is currently reading a new book; "Regenesis - Feeding the world without devouring the Planet". Hopefully he will picking up some new ideas that we can incorporate on the farm. Many thanks to Mai, one of our lovely customers, for lending him the book.

Many thanks for all the returned boxes, it is making a big difference.

Thank you for your continued support.

Take care,