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Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet, Wet, Wet

Hello Everyone,


HoHoHo🤶He’s on the way🎅🏼It’s nearly time

Bob is also nearly ready and on the way to deliver your Festive Goodies for your Christmas Meal and more. He will be dropping off your Christmas boxes over the 

20th, 21st and 22nd of December

It would help us enormously if you could have your orders for the Christmas Box in as soon as possible but by 17th December at the very latest. 


As this week was so, so wet, lots of indoor jobs have been ticked off the list. The barn, over the months does collect rubbish, does have equipment in the wrong places and does always need a sweep! Not now! 

The packing area does always has a few bits and pieces where they should not be, always needs cleaner fridges and the work tables scrubbed. Not now! 

The overhead indoor watering system within the polytunnels always ‘pop off’ when the outside temperature drops. This is a result of freezing and unfreezing water. Not now! All the gizmos are now in a box and ready for the new planting out season. This is all down to the Lovely Lucy. 

With all the water coming down from above, the ground has had streams of water gushing and flowing. Graham the Great just wanted to 'dig a ditch’, that is all he kept saying this past week! We didn’t stop him! Whatever floats your boat Graham! A gully was dug to allow the water to flow from the back end of the Pond Field into the…Pond! It whooshed into the pond, Graham was happy. Mucky, but happy! 

It is now the darkest few weeks of the year. Very little will change now, when it comes to plant growth. All our vegetables are now ‘dormant’. Some greens we can still harvest…Chinese cabbages, January king cabbages and leaves. Other crops, we have made sure that they have been harvested during the earlier weeks of November. Frozen and wet conditions have put pay to some harvesting (particularly the last few weeks). We are on the case for the next two weeks of boxes. Then all crops will be allowed to rest and slowly grow as they survive the darker days and Bob, myself and the Crew take a well earned rest, in January. It will be amazing to see the growth of our produce during that time. We are hoping for lots of beautiful, Fresh Local Organic goodies to start the delivery year in 2024 (can you believe it…2024!!!).

Thank you for all the returned boxes, which we are about to refill in the coming days.

Take care, keep warm and dry and wear something reflective so as to be seen (particularly by drivers) in these darker weeks.