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After Seeding, comes Planting

After Seeding, comes Planting

Hello to you all,

Hoping we find you all very well and fighting fit. At long last the lighter and longer days are here. Plus, for the garden gatherings….the next few days are going to be beautiful. Enjoy, the working, chatting or playing, in the warmth.

Before I give you a general update can I just say a huge thank you to you, our lovely customers…..over the last two weeks I have helped Bob with the deliveries….yes I am back on the road, so watch out! A number of reasons for me being back out: soooo many deliveries to get out; Bob needs to liaise with the land and work as the planting season progresses; we have a new helper in the packing department -Scarlett; and most importantly me to put faces to names. I have met some familiar faces and met a good number of new faces….a hello to you all. The ‘thank you’ is for all the delightful messages of appreciation and words of praise for this journal. I am really happy you enjoy the read. I try and give you a snapshot of what we are doing (I have a silent wonder as to whether I am boring) each week. To some of you I am maybe not so boring, so thanks.

So, the update for this week, not to be boring and repetitive, is really much the same. However, gardening is quite repetitive. The lovely Lucy knows this all too well. Lucy is brilliant and this week she has – sown more seeds, harvested for the box scheme and planted out new seedlings. The next crop of beetroot went into the left hand bed of Polytunnel Three last week and the new red and white spring onions went into the right hand bed. Lucy started the planting out last week and FINALLY for her, she finished planting this week. Seven thousand spring onion seeds were sown in cells of five seeds to a cell. That is a colossal (grandson’s word of the moment) number of just one crop and I feel Lucy felt that Polytunnel Three was her home this past week!

Our overwintering spring onions will be going into some of our seasonal boxes this week. They should come with a warning ⚠️…..they are hot!

The great Graham is also discovering how repetitive work can become, here on the farm. More compost – ten ton was delivered on Friday and another ten ton will be delivered next week. This will all be moved into the outside growing areas and more seedlings will be planted out soon. We are well underway with the new spring planting. Sooooo good! Great Crew team work.

The box scheme is still going really well and you all seem to be enjoying the organic produce. Super Scarlet did have an extremely busy start to something completely different from her pre-pandemic life. But we are very glad Scarlet wants to help us out, for as long as she wants.

The coming weekend is Easter. Normally, we would not be delivering on a Good Friday. However, for logistic reasons (so many boxes to deliver), we will have to deliver on the Friday. Delivery times will improve in May when our new electric van arrives. In the meantime we do apologise to the West Northumberland/Hexham areas. So, no changes to the delivery days over this holiday weekend. We would still like you to all have your orders placed ASAP. This will help us all at HexOrg. Another huge thanks.

A very Happy Easter Weekend to you all,