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Amazing Sunsets

Amazing Sunsets

Hello Everyone and welcome if you are new to us, here at Hexhamshire Organics.

What beautiful sunsets we see when the weather is freezing. The above photo was taken on Sunday night and the picture does not do justice to the amazing fiery redness the evening sky provided.

Saturday was probably colder than Sunday, but that did not stop the huge number of people who wrapped up warm and came to the Jesmond Food Market. This market is proving to be a very well attended one. So much so….we sold everything bar two bottles of juice, a sprout stalk, a cabbage, a few potatoes, carrots, onions and some fruit. We are either very good at taking the correct amount of produce or not taking enough. We have decided we will take more next Market and test the waters. Whichever it is, we are just chuffed at the number of regular customers we have visit every time the market is on. It is so nice to be able to chat to all the visitors, so thank you for coming.

Monday will see the start of the new seeding season. Happy! Happy! Happy! I am back in my office! As explained last week, the greenhouses are fresh and clean and ready for the trays and trays of seeds. I can now be found in the propagation area, we have so many to sow I may even take my bed with me!

A few weeks before Christmas the amazing Stu doubled the number of days he works at Hexhamshire Organics, he is now working four days each week. I have always wanted a ‘crew’ and it would appear we have the first full crew member. He belongs to this area and has spent all his working life on farms. He is now teaching Bob and I more about ‘farming and stocking’ while we teach him about horticulture and our organic, no dig methods. It’s a win win! Stu is a great worker and I cannot begin to explain how fortunate we are to have him as part of HexOrg.

Hope you all have a great week,