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Arrangements for Christmas

Arrangements for Christmas

Hello Everyone,

A heads up on the arrangements for the event which happens in December…..

To help everyone, including ourselves, we will be sending out our Christmas week delivery newsletter, a couple of days earlier than usual, on Monday 17th December with the aim of getting all your Christmas orders in early during that week.

We will be delivering these orders on Saturday 22nd December and Sunday 23rd December instead of the normal delivery days of Thursday and Friday so you receive it as fresh as possible for Christmas Day.

For the Christmas week’s delivery there will be an additional option of a ‘Festive Box’ available to order, existing options will still be available eg. Create You Own Box. The Festive Box will on our website from the start of December.

On the farm front we have new babies!

One of our two breeding sows gave birth to nine little piglets last Wednesday. Mum and little ones are all doing very well. Bob and I are leaving the family to bond and grow for a few weeks with just the odd peak at the cute piglets while the mum feeds them.

Two of our older pigs went to the butchers yesterday. As a result we will soon have festive chipolata sausages and sausage meat available to order. It is definitely beginning to sound a bit like Christmas.

Our planning for next year is coming along nicely. We are currently dividing the land, where we grow our vegetables, into separate beds. Each bed will be 30 inches/75cm wide, they will all be “no-dig” and all beds will be topped with fresh organic compost before they are seeded/planted out. In total there will be exactly one hundred beds across the Hex Org Land, 36 of the beds will be in the polytunnels and the other 64 beds will be outside. Between each bed there will be a path of bark chips for accessing the beds. This approach will be a huge benefit as it means we can access each area of growing space without actually walking on the soil, meaning no soil compaction. The path will also make it easier to sow and harvest our organic produce. Bob and I are really excited and looking forward to our new approach.

(Just a little tease……next year we will also be growing/selling flowers in a large area we have kept away from the hundred bed calculation….I am very excited about this!).

Take care,