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At the Market on Saturday

At the Market on Saturday

Hi everyone,

As you can see from the photo, we were at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday. It was really, really lovely to see many of our box scheme customers, even if the weather was a bit wet! Many mini customers also arrived. They may have been wheeled around and depended on Mum and Dad to make the visit. But it is good to see that a new generation have the opportunity to decide on 

                          Fresh Local Organic 

produce. I was delighted to be at the market this week to meet babies and toddlers. Thank you for popping by.

So, I was at the market to help Bob as he has a bit of a wrist issue…the pigs!!! We have recently moved the pigs around to new pens. We do this regularly to give them fresh ground and for the ground to have a break from the pigs. At the moment, we have Mum and Dad with the boy piglets in one pen and the four girls in another pen. On Thursday we had an escapee into the wrong pen. So on Friday Bob did his best to place the escapee back into his pen (Lads!). Bob does forget sometimes that he is not lifting up one of our grandchildren. He is lifting a wriggling near four stone pig! The result being a sprained wrist. However, all pigs are now where they should be. Thank goodness.

The tunnels are now more or less full. The summer tomatoes and cucumbers are still cropping as are some leafy veggies. But there was now space for our overwintering crops to be placed in-situ. The outside area is also full of new brassicas for overwintering. The winter squash and sweetcorn is nearly ready for harvesting. This area will be quickly filled with the onions, garlic and leeks and any other leafy and brassica crops to go out. It is great that we are so very much more organised to replace one crop with another. This is mainly due to the cracking crew we have.

Please don’t forget that we will be delivering to you this week but not next week. We are not delivery the week of 15th, 16th and 17th September. But we will be back the following week!

Glad to see you so many of you all enjoying the pork. It is very tasty. Hear from you soon.