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Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming

Hello Everyone,

We have been having some beautiful mornings here on the farm…blue sky, fresh but sunny. Fingers crossed for good weather next Sunday for our open day. All of you who have asked to attend are all more than welcome. Turn up for your requested time and then have a wander but please meet at the front of the polytunnels in the Green Field to listen to our guest speaker…well Bob coz he loves giving a talk. He will be giving his talk at 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you all. Those still wanting to attend, just email us at stating which time…10am or 1pm…and how many in your party. 

It does feel as if the season of autumn is here. There is a chill in the air. So, as some of you will see, we are in the process of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ with regarding some crops. For instance, our cucumbers are now over so the leaves will die off and the netting cleared of the dead vines then tucked up to the top of the polytunnel and a fresh over wintering crop will be replanted in the same bed. The French beans are now over for this season. They have been a great crop. The vines are now going to be left with quite a few beans still on them. This year we are going to save the bean by allowing them to dry on the plant and use them to sow our own seeds in the spring of next year.

Saving seeds is our next big challenge. We want to start to save the seeds of the crops we have found to be of excellent quality. We need to become much better at this task and also realise that we can do it. My issue is that if we get it wrong! we lose the chance of growing that particular item for a whole season, or even a year! But we do have to give it a go.

Kate, the mummy pig, has now gone to the farm on the borders, owned by Kate. Pig Kate has been taken to the same farm as Royal. Kate, the farmer, has sent gorgeous pictures of Kate and Royal meeting up again. And Yes! They did recognise each other and had a sloppy kiss. Kate the farmer says that our two are the most relaxed and laidback pigs she has known. They are now settled in their new home. This is all really good to know. That is just what we wanted for Kate and Royal. We do miss them but ask me if I miss them when it is the dead of winter and it is freezing and a foot deep in squelchy mud…maybe not.

Well, I am now going to the fields to make sure that all is in a fine state for our visitors next week. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Till then, take care,