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Bird Ringing on the Farm

Bird Ringing on the Farm

Hello Everyone,

Firstly an apology. A few customers received their box later than their normal delivery date. The weather caused quite a few issues for us here on the farm. We awoke to at least eight centimetres of snow on Friday morning. It all looked very pretty, however, this slowed Bob and myself down somewhat. Considering we are now in the season of Spring, Winter is still around to bite us!

By the Saturday morning lots of the snow had disappeared with a beautiful fresh and sunny morning. Thankfully, as we had visitors…

…A few weeks ago we made arrangements for a very good family friend, Pete with his pal Richard, to spend the morning ‘ringing’ birds. It began early, the guys took quite a while to set up a net the whole length of the Pond Field, along the hedge. After a short while a number of beautiful birds landed along the net. The guys were then able to place a numbered tag in the form of a ring on one leg of each bird. The length of the wing feathers were measured, the weight of the bird was taken and a thorough check-up took place. The statistics were noted and will be placed onto the national database of birds. This process was carried out under licence, by professional ornithologists. Birds should not be caught like this by people without the proper training, knowledge and skill. 

The grandchildren (along with their parents) were able to watch in wonder and have a close up look at tree sparrows, dunnocks, house sparrows, black birds, robins, long tailed tit (as seen above), goldfinch and wren. Pete and Richard gave such knowledge about each bird - how the beak curved depending on the way the bird ate. The length and colour of the feathers dictated the age of the bird. The size of the feet which may help with climbing. The beautiful sounds the bird makes - used for mating mainly. It was a privilege to be able to see the details of each bird and everyone was delighted. 

We are hoping that the guys come along later in the year, the Spring/Summer time, when we can see more beautiful birds.

I can confirm that none of the birds were harmed and when asked about maybe any stress they may feel, the reply was very logical…that the birds may feel a small amount of stress for a very, very short time. However, the knowledge the data base gains is an important guide for the future of our birds.

We are cracking on with farming jobs, that is when the weather permits. The new rhubarb bed is now complete, as is the extension of the bed beside the greenhouses. We are underway with new water butts beside each large polytunnel. Each butt will have the collected water from the tunnel guttering. The rain water will be used to help water the vegetables within each tunnel. 

Hoops, to hold up netting which is to be placed over the strawberry beds, are in situ. Ground irrigation is now along the soft fruit canes. 

We are looking good and definitely ready for the coming months. 

Thank you for returning the boxes and supporting us here at the farm. 

Till next week, take care,