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Canadian Geese and other Visitors

Canadian Geese and other Visitors

Hello Everyone,

Well we have new neighbours!

As you can see from the picture above, a pair of Canadian Geese have been visiting over the last week or so. They are huge compared to our Campbell ducks. We generally hear them before we see them, but when we do see them they glide down out of nowhere and land just by the Pond in the Orchard Field. They make such a racket telling Bob and I that they have arrived. Then they usually have a bit wash and swim, then off for a walk around the Orchard. They do not seem to mind our ducks or chickens or even Bob and I. They are more than welcome.

Another family more than welcome are the Mallards we have on the Pond Field pond. Last year we had Mallards as seasonal neighbours, we think they have come back and as of Tuesday this week, Mr and Mrs Mallard have at least four ducklings. Bob spotted the babies first. They were having a little walk through the grass. Later in the evening we saw mummy and babies on the water. The little family soon paddled home when mum realised they were being spied upon.

The first of the swallows have also arrived. A real favourite. This is the time of year when I can sit and sit (if only!) and watch these talented fliers swooping across the water to catch the flies. Then I know summer has arrived.

This week we have new bags for our leafy salads and vegetables. The bags are made from potato starch, they are compostable, and are plastic free! They should provide a longer lasting mesclun mix. They are a much bigger bag so more mesclun in the bag and the price will reflect the larger bag.

We are at Jesmond Food Market this weekend. The weather has been marvellous during the week. The market may not be as sunny, but should still be warm.

Take care,