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Everything's Gone Green

Everything's Gone Green

Hello everyone, 

May I say a huge thank you for being understanding while we move from one website to another. As we have started to use the new website and all its amazing reports and analysis it has to offer, a few tiny weeny ‘glitches’ have cropped up! However, now we have recognised the issues, we are putting them to rights and we know it is all going to be a huge help to both you our customers and to the HexOrg business side of things. So, once again thank you. 

Thankfully, we have Venture Stream to tackle the website issues, which means that Bob and I can do what we really want to be doing…farmlife.

The farm, with its polytunnels and outside areas, is lush with growth. Everywhere is a shade of green. I think I have probably said this before, but I do think it quite amazing how every leaf, stalk and flower can be distinguished from each other but they are all green! Just look at the herb garden, above, to see how green we are. Green is not simply a colour, it was recognised as the colour for wealth and the gentry. It has also been seen as representing paradise. It is also the colour used for environmentally friendly products and political parties. We also have a ‘green for go’ light on the highways. I think we are definitely not part of the gentry, probably environmentally friendly, have a lot of get up and go and definitely living in our own paradise. Especially as the farm is so luscious and green right now.

The produce is looking really good and tasting amazing. We seem to be cracking the ‘when one crop finishes replace it with another’. For instance, the mustard frills are finished in polytunnel four and have quickly been replaced with pea-shoots. We are also cracking the continuous planting of the same crop. The chard is a great example of this…it is finished in tunnel ten but the crop in tunnel eight is now ready to be harvested. No break in the availability of this very popular organic leaf.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are in constant need of attention. They are watered regularly…little and often, turned around the string for security and excess side shoots nipped out. All very time consuming but sooo worth it for the fruits they produce.

Guess where I am of to now? The cucumbers in tunnel nine. Till next week, have a great one…