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Fine Art and Historical Information

Fine Art and Historical Information

Hello Everyone,

Last year we had the very talented Jenny help out on the farm for one of her week’s holidays from her day job…the patisserie chef from 21Hospitality. Bob and I discovered that, not only is she a lovely girl and a hard worker, that Jen had a talent for art work.

Over the last months Jen has been creating fantastic drawings of our Fresh Local Organic Produce for our website. I would like to think that you agree with us that the results are amazing. The ‘Create Your Own’ veg box drawings look more than impressive and soooo professional. Bob and I are very happy. 

It is a wonder how people can have such abilities. May I also say that we have sampled her cakes and they are truly magnificent too. Eventually, we will be putting a link on the website for Jenny. This is just in case any of you, our lovely customers, would like to acquire a copy of the drawings for yourselves. I know I am getting some for pressies and our kitchen. Jenny…what talent, be very proud.

Alongside Jenny’s visit, if you remember, we had Durham University History Department, specialising in Food History, visit us at the farm as part of the Food History Module. It was a grand day and we struck up a good relationship with the senior lecturer of the department, Amanda. The students seemed to enjoy the day and we certainly enjoyed hearing historical facts regarding some of our produce. After a few conversations it came to be that one student, Grace, on completion of her course, gladly compiled a comprehensive document outlining some historical facts behind our produce. How lucky are we! 

The information we received is really interesting and like all facts, good to know and read. Bob has placed them on our website alongside each item. To access the knowledge just press on each food item within the ‘Create Your Own’ when buying a box. The information is historic and not to be taken literally! For instance dandruff may not be cured by using an ointment of spring onions! Or mint may not be used as a contraceptive! How we used to live!

This was obviously, way before the NHS or doctors and scientists discovering the methods we know now. But, foodstuffs would have been a huge comfort in some form in the days of old. Soups are always comforting on a cold day. Potatoes fill a hungry tummy. Greens make you feel like you have eaten healthily. Some herbs do clear a blocked nose. I am just not sure that an onion would have prevented Bob from going bald!

So, our website has fantastic drawings with some interesting history for you to engage with while thinking about what you would like to cook and eat each week.

We are having bumper crops of everything due to Mother Natures Tap of water being on all the time. (Waterproofs while it is still warm creates a clammy feeling while working outside). Unfortunately, all this rain has put pay to the Strawberries. We do have some left but the damage from the droplets of water has left the Strawberries all squashy. Not great for punnets but ideal for preserving. While it is raining this weekend, I have been making jam from many, many Strawberries. Jams will soon be on the website. 

We are nearly at the end of our pork on the website. The last remaining joints have now been reduced in price. We need to create space inside the freezer for the soft fruit which will be used to make the jams. So bag a bargain!

The summer (ha!) holidays have begun for many…school is out!  Bob and I realise that many of you will be going on your happy holidays. If you are, then have fun. Please do not have excessive fun to the point of drunkenness…lettuce does not cure a hangover!

Take care,