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First Away Day at the Farm

First Away Day at the Farm

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I always have a very full and very varied week and this week is no exception.

We have been doing our usual full on market garden work, which has been really enjoyable in this weather. We delivered to you, our lovely customers. We attended Jesmond Food Market.

Then on Monday a farm manager came from ‘down south’ to collect two of our pigs. They are from a very large organic farm with a very grand house and gardens. They want to stock organic pedigree Tamworth’s and were advised by the Tamworth Breeders Association to come to us! So, we have said good bye to two pigs, but we know they are going to a good home.

Tuesday….Tuesday, we held our first ‘Away Day At The Farm’ for a Newcastle based company. This was our first attempt and we both think that it was a very successful day. The weather helped by being one of those beautiful May days. The people who came had breakfast (obviously our sausages, bacon and eggs), followed by a talk from Bob, a tour of our farm, lunch (obviously our gammon, frittata and salads). After lunch fun was had by herding pigs, washing pigs and then a pretend pig show. Then we had some Pavlova (obviously our eggs), followed by a go on the tractor and lastly the crew had to put the chickens and ducks to bed and collect the eggs. The response was fab. They decided that a day on the farm was soooo much better that being stuck in a stuffy office. They left refreshed with new ideas on life.

Bob and I hope you are all well and thank you for your continued support.

Have a great week,