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First week of deliveries completed

First week of deliveries completed

Hello Everyone,

We have our first week of deliveries in the bag! And my, what a busy week. There is always a nagging thought in the back of the head thinking…we have been away from delivering for the last month, maybe we have been forgotten about! Maybe it is easier to go to the supermarket and buy prepared vegetables? Maybe it is less hassle not ordering online? Well you have proved me wrong! The orders came in thick and fast from all our regular lovely customers and we need to say “a huge welcome” to a few new lovely customers.

Many comments from you all saying that we were missed, that how the taste from supermarket produce just didn’t pass the muster and how soooo much packaging was used! Lots of you had obviously missed the ‘delivery boy’ and Bob did enjoy catching up with you all. 

We are definitely back! Thank you for your orders and support.

Mother Nature has been at it again with the most glorious sunrises and sunsets. The above pic was taken last week at about 7.45am. One of the best I have seen, here on the farm. The colourful scene lasted for about fifteen minutes, changing by the second. The previous night had been so very wet that the reflections in the puddles added to the beautiful atmosphere. A pleasure to get up in the morning - unlike last Friday morning when both Bob and myself slept in! We must remember that we are back and at it and not on our break when we could laze. The lovely Lucy had already arrived and started work, so our morning coffee and a chat was a little later than usual.

Friday also was the morning our outside hedges were being cut. A big thank you to Edward, a local farmer, who cuts our hedges every year. We have one cut each year, in the winter, before all the birds arrive back to the nesting homes. I am convinced that we get the same birds each year, making nests and creating a beautiful racket of songs and tunes. Spring is on it’s way…just got the quick month of February to get through. 

February tends to be a cold month…for us gardeners a cold spell is good. The sun and heat helps plants to grow in the spring and summer seasons, however, during the winter months the cold triggers a reaction to convert any starch in the plant to sugar. The sugar feeds the plant and helps it survive and grow, even if the growth is at a very slow pace. Cold weather can also help seeds to germinate. This they do when the frost and cold helps to crack open the seed casing allowing germination. Our parsnips will be sown in February as they need a cold snap. Then they will take nearly all the year to grow and be harvested next winter. Parsnips are in the ground a long, long time. We will only harvest one crop each year from the beds containing parsnips.

The tunnels are proving to be a boon during these winter months. The Orientals, (Mustards, Mizuna and Pak Choi) are all magnificent at this time of year. They are tasty and a pleasant, fresh leafy vegetable to add to your menus. They are ideal for stir-frying and steaming, adding them to all one pot dishes. They can also be eaten as a salad or just adding to your lunch time sarnie. Enjoy!

This weekend I am carefully tidying my garden. I am aware that we have hedgehogs and probably lots of other little critters, so will clear away the debris gingerly. I have noticed that the bulbs are all appearing from the ground so would like to have the garden ready for the Spring Show. Spring is a favourite time of the year for me…lovely flowers, lots of bird song and lighter nights. Sunset will be 5.45 on the 1st of March. How exciting.

Till next week, take care,