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Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are keeping warm. Stating the obvious… has been FREEZING!!!!

The minus temperature outside has meant that, not only is the ground solid but our ponds are also solid, as solid as an ice rink.

Bobs first job of the day has always been to get the chickens, ducks and pigs up, feed them and freshen the water. While everywhere is so frozen, Bob is taking more than twice the usual time carrying out this duty. The main reason, for the extra time needed, is the water taps and containers are all ice solid. This is great for Bob’s fitness as he has to walk to and fro from our house to the animals de-icing the containers and filling them back up.

Fresh water is a must for all creatures, not only just for drinking. The ducks will always waddle straight down to the pond when the gate is opened on the duck house. They thoroughly enjoy a good wash and brush up before breakfast. Suffice to say, the ducks are a little confused as the water in the pond is rock solid. They are so confused that they have now started going to bed with the chickens in the chicken house! Do the ducks think they are chickens, or, do they feel warmer in the chicken house rather than the duck house? We do think we have clever ducks as the duck house must be a really chilly place to be, being right next to a frozen pond.

We have been very limited in other chores which we could have been doing. However, one big tick on our huge list of ‘jobs for the winter’ has been successfully completed. Our bee hives are situated at the edge of the Orchard, but at the house end of the Orchard. As the weather has been freezing for days, and we know the weather will be freezing for more days, bees can be re-sited during very cold spells. Bob and I have moved the bees to the opposite side of the Orchard, well away from the house. Hopefully, our nieces and nephews will feel a little more comfortable when they play in the Orchard Field during the summer, when the bees can be seen flying.

We are at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday and I think we will be wearing our thermals. The forecast is for a bright, sunny day, but freezing. As long as I am warm, I really enjoy these days. We will have lots of festive organic vegetables on our stall, but if attending the market is not possible for you, we do have our ‘festive boxes’.


The ‘festive box’ will have all the organic vegetables you will need for your festive meal, more than enough for four people….sprouts(obviously), potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cabbages etc. Plus clementines, oranges, lemons and apples.

The total cost for the box is £30.

You will receive your veg box on your normal delivery day, ie the Thursday or Friday before Christmas Day.

Please order your ‘festive organic veg box’ before the 16th December.

Keep warm,