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Getting ready for the big event!

Getting ready for the big event!

Hope you all enjoyed a really lovely weekend and enjoyed….lovely weather, beautiful bride, light till after nine, places to go and people to see. We had the usual busy weekend where Bob attended Jesmond Food Market and I stayed at home and sneaked in a little look at the wedding (mainly for the dress). The market was surprisingly busy for Bob and I spent my time feeding the animals, watering the produce and hoeing.

This weekend!!! Well a brand new venture!!!

The people who read our emails regularly will know that we are members of the Tamworth Breeders Association. You will also know that our boar is part of the ‘Royal Standard’ blood line…Royal is taking Bob to the Northumberland Show on Monday of this Bank Holiday weekend!!!

Bob, being Bob, has decided to ‘exhibit’ Royal in the ‘traditional pedigree pig breed class’ and Bob wants to win a rosette. This is such a far cry from Bob’s previous life as a top exec. He is on show at 10am and he is likely to be on first in the ring.

Each day Bob has been practicing with Royal using a stick and board (‘cause that’s what you do). The two boys walk around the field in all sorts of directions, going this way then going the other way. One of the boys is supposed to be taking the other boy for a walk? It is not Bob, that is for sure. However, practise makes perfect and the boys are practicing each day and Royal is getting lots of love and pellets to bribe him along the way. So maybe it will be Bob taking Royal to the Show……fingers crossed.

Enjoy your long weekend and the rest of the week, I certainly will,

Take care,