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Hello from a snowy Shire

Hello from a snowy Shire

Bob and I hope you are all okay and keeping warm.

Soups are a great way to warm up and also a great way to use any veggies you may have left….we have a leek and potato soup on the go (I always pop some cheese on the top of our soup and Stilton goes really well with leeks).

Root vegetables are a staple in the vegetable boxes at this time of the year and I do understand that roots can be an unadventurous veg and I am sure you roast the potatoes, carrots, parsnips and beetroot. However, have you tried roasting a whole swede? I roasted a whole swede in butter (sorry, but quite a lot of butter) and some fresh herbs. Season. Baste regularly. It took about one hour, but well worth it as it is the best swede ever!

As promised last week……an animal update.

The ducks are lovely and are still sleeping with the chickens. The frozen pond stumped them a little! This year we want ducklings!

The chickens are still my prehistoric birds. To enter the Orchard Field, we go through a gate and every time we do this the chickens all come running to greet us. I have no idea as to where they were, but it is a lovely site to be seen. They must really like to see us. How nice. Nope, they think they are going to get some food! We have had some new girls delivered, they are only young chickens, so they are not laying yet. Hopefully, we shall have a sufficient number of eggs to provide you with your orders.

Lastly…..the pigs! They are all still very cute but growing quickly. They have also found their voice! We now know that we have five boys and eight girls. One of the boys has become our favourite… is small and looks slightly pathetic and has occasionally been bottle fed…..obviously our favourite. They are all still inside the barn, but will be going outside in the next few weeks.

We are at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday. It will probably be freezing but it is always such a friendly, happy atmosphere that it is well worth layering the clothes on and attending the market on Armstrong Bridge.

Take care,