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Hello to Lucy

Hello to Lucy

Hello Everyone and say ‘hello’ to Lucy

Above is our lovely Lucy. Lucy has been helping on the farm over the past few weeks. She studies horticulture in Cumbria but, since lockdown, has been unable to attend any classes. Her course has been postponed till later in the year. Not great news for Lucy, as this adds to her training time. Great news for HexOrg as she is able to spend more time with us. Lucy is someone who really doesn’t mind getting muddy and thoroughly enjoys all aspects of growing vegetables. She is more than willing to learn how we grow our produce organically using the ‘no-dig’ approach. And we are more than happy to learn from Lucy.

Lucy has been helping with propagation, planting out, tending the growing crops, feeding and watering the crops. At the moment, she works three days each week. When college resumes, we intend to continue with this arrangement as Lucy has been an absolute delight to work with. It is great to know that there is a new generation of organic vegetable growers. Bob and I are thankful that we have started our ‘crew’ from this new generation.

Some of you lovely customers have been wondering if we are going to return to our pre-lockdown method of ordering…..Bob and I are constantly talking about how we can improve all our methods and processes and at the moment we have decided to continue with the system we have in place. We will probably add more ‘extras’ just as we have for the herbs, pork, eggs etc. Logistically, putting the shop back onto the website is just not feasible with the huge demand at the moment so, we apologise if it causes some frustration. If you have any special requests….for instance not wanting onions or you are on a carb-free week….please place your requests in the comments’ box. We do try to accommodate.

The coming weeks are such tasty weeks of fresh, local, organic leaves, salads, beans, onions, courgettes, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines. We will be supplying you with such gorgeous seasonal veggies.

We got a lovely email from Vivien one of our customers telling us how she used the beetroot leaves:

“I just thought I would let you know that I tried stir frying the beetroot leaves for the first time this week. I shredded them and stir fried them with some kale, tomatoes and grated beetroot and just added some cucumber and garlic bread to make a delicious light lunch. I didn’t even need to add a protein. However I must confess that I felt so virtuous after this delicious light lunch I slipped up and rewarded myself with a Martini. Oops!”.

Sounds good Vivien, we should all try this – including the Martini!

Thank you all for your continued support,

Still Stay Safe,