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Its Been Snowing

Its Been Snowing

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well and recovered from the snowy blast.

As a result of a few days snow, plus a few days of illness for me, Bob has been working really hard. All our daily jobs of feeding the animals and checking on the polytunnels still have to be carried out in rain, hail, snow, sun and through illness. None of the animals are lovers of the snow. Generally, they stay indoors, coming outside just for food.

The tunnels were covered with snow. This makes it quite dark inside the tunnel and there is always a worry the covering will split. As much of the snow as possible is pushed off the tunnel to prevent any damage. An exercise which is great for ones ‘core’. Bob has really worked hard, but then he always does!

The seeds which were sown earlier are, thankfully, popping through. It is always good to see little green or pink baby leaves reaching for the sky. These babies are all part of our big plan….from the greenhouse they will be off to the polytunnels or to the new area in the Pond Field.

Our big plan is still on track. All the beds in the tunnels are nearly complete. Seeds have been sown directly into some beds. Seeds are growing nicely in the greenhouse… love it when a plan comes together, despite the weather.

Take care,