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Jerusalem Artichokes are here!

Jerusalem Artichokes are here!

Hello Everyone,

Jerusalem Artichokes are on our list of produce this week. We have harvested our first basket full this week. We are delighted with the result of our efforts. The artichokes are white, knobbly and enormous. The variety is called ‘fuseau’ which is a white skinned variety.
They are a very versatile vegetable and can be mashed, fried, make gratin, stir-fry or soup. The tuber just needs to be washed, peeled and sliced……just like a potato.

Bob planted the tuber earlier this year in February. The plant grew to, at least, nine foot high. A small flower, which is very similar to a sunflower, (it is a member of the sunflower family), grows just prior to harvesting. The plant dies back and ‘Bob’s yer uncle’ the tubers can then be harvested.

They are definitely a vegetable which should be grown. The down side of growing Jerusalem Artichokes is that they take up a lot of space and take over eight months to grow. The plus side is that they can act as a wind break and are as easy as easy to grow.

By the way, Bob is not your uncle, he is my husband!

May see you at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday, if not, take care,