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Juicing Time

Juicing Time

Hello everyone,

Well, the weather says it is the autumn season and our duty for this weekend definitely says it is the autumn season. We are juicing the apples!!! Always fun. Always a delight to taste from the first batch of apples going through the juicer. It tastes really good. The mix of apples has produced a lovely colour. We do not have as many bottles as we normally produce. This is due to a lower crop from the orchard. If you take yourself back to spring - the weather was awful resulting in fewer blossom surviving the wet and very cold weather. However, what we have has been juiced. So be quick before they have all gone!

The 2021 Season Apple Juice is now available to buy on the website. Enjoy!

The pork has also been replenished. We have a very good choice of sausages, joints, chops, bacon, gammon, belly etc on the website. Our Organic Pork is very tasty (well I would say that, wouldn’t I). Our pigs are allowed to roam freely in very large runs. We move them around from run to run. This allows the ground to rest and regrow, but also to provide fresh ground for the pigs to forage. Alongside the foraging, we feed them pellets, full of essential vitamins and minerals. We also give any veg which does not meet the grade for our lovely customers. This ensures a good mixed diet for the pigs. Tamworths are much slower to mature than commercial breeds. This allows them to build up the muscular fat. This ‘marbles’ the meat and this is where the flavour is…fat means flavour. The flavour tends to be more nutty, sweet and gamey. The colour of our pork is of a deeper red than commercial pigs. 

Since the Second World War most farmers have been breeding commercial breeds…fast growers with lean meat. The Tamworth as well as other breeds of pig became ‘Rare Breeds’. The Tamworth is still classed as a Rare Breed and in the ‘At Risk’ category. There are only about 350 Tamworth Breeding Sows in the UK, very few being organic. Our pork tastes amazing due to the ‘marbling’, looks great on the plate, especially when there is a huge amount of crackling (the fat provides fantastic crackling) and the Rare Breed is being saved.

Who doesn’t fancy roast pork with apple sauce and all the veggies now then?

I do realise that not everyone is a meat eater, Bob being one of you. We try to cater for all of our lovely customers so please try a different vegetable each week, one which you would not normally cook or eat with. Chinese Cabbage, Jerusalem Artichokes, Spaghetti Squash or Beetroot…go on give your plate a change. 

Well I am now going back to juicing…

Have a great week,