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Lots of Sowing, Planting and Guests......

Lots of Sowing, Planting and Guests......

Hello All,

Bob and I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break, especially the glorious weather.

We have been able to take full advantage of the dry, sunny weather. We had a great day at Jesmond Marker and then during the rest of the weekend we planted out hundreds of Aztec Broccoli and Globe Artichokes in outside beds. It was really hot work during which we drank lots of water. The plants we planted also needed lots of water, as did everything inside the tunnels. Apparently, we are now due wet, windy and cool weather. Great, as this helps with the, very time consuming, watering. However, we have important visitors next week and we would really like the good weather to continue….then we can cut the grass and make the farm look spic and span.

On Monday we have a group of students from Newcastle University arriving. They are coming to understand the running of an Organic Farm. We hope we can help them. It is always a delight to entertain young people here, especially when they show enthusiasm for our way of life.

On Tuesday we have another group of people coming to visit. I can’t really say toooo much as to who the visitors are or why they are visiting. What I can say is…..Channel 4!

Watch (get it?) this space.

Have a great week,