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Lovely Raspberries

Lovely Raspberries

Hello Everyone,

The weather over the last few days has been glorious, lots of lovely sunshine. This has helped our fruit and vegetables to really grow and ripen. In particular our raspberries have really enjoyed the sun and the raspberry bushes are now full of lovely ripe red fruit. They are now available on the website and are delivered in compostable punnets.

The vegetables have also enjoyed the sun and everything is growing well. New crops which are ready to harvest this week and are now on the website are Cavolo Nero (which means Black Cabbage in Italian), Rainbow Carrots, Radishes, baby Turnips and of course Raspberries.

Inside the polytunnels it has been even hotter so this years tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines are thriving and are almost ready.

Our website has been updated this week and we now have a new Home page and a page for you to leave your Reviews of our produce and service! We hope you like the new look.

We are delighted that our service is becoming very popular and each week we are getting more and more orders. Which is great for us. But one challenge it does give us is the scheduling of deliveries. We have tried allocating different areas to either a Thursday or a Friday. However, this approach comes unstuck if the orders vary in numbers for each area. So we have decided to wait until we see what orders we receive by Thursday morning before we work out on what day we will deliver to each area. So all we can say is that you will receive your order on either a Thursday or a Friday. Hope this is alright with everyone.

Take care,