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Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew


As you can see above, we have a Happy Crew.

Our Happy Crew are modelling  the latest couture…our Hexhamshire Organics T Shirt. I know…they are white, and not the most appropriate colour for working on a farm! But don’t they look cool. They match the ‘stickers’ (grandsons description) from the electric van we use to deliver your organic goodies. We have gone all corporate. 

From left to right on the photo, we have:

Chris number one. This is Chris from Northern Ireland. He has come across to learn how to create a business growing, producing and selling organic veg on his family farm in the North East of Northern Ireland. We have enjoyed his company and enthusiasm. He has been here for two weeks and he says he has learnt loads! We wish him all the luck of the Irish.  Sláinte Chris

The great Graham is next. He works two days a week. Really happy and energetic. He is the perfect guy to have on your team as he can turn his practical head to any job. Just what a farm needs. We realised very early on in our farm life… as a farmer you have to be mechanically and practically minded. Graham has that mindset in abundance.

Then we have Lucy, The lovely Lucy is our horticulturalist. Lucy is trained in growing, tending and all things "horty". A must have for any organic fruit and vegetable farm. Lucy has completed her courses, altho’ she does want to continue in education in a few years time, however, working on the farm is an education in itself. Lucy is forever researching as and when the need arises (which is most of the time). Lucy works full time.

Next to Lucy is our newest crew member, Chris number two. known as Hissy, he had a bit of a baptism of fire as he started on the hottest day of the summer! So, even though he got sunstroke after his first day and had to borrow sun cream, fluids and lunch he still returned to the farm with a huge smile. He takes many photos and videos on the farm and loves telling all his city pals about life in the country. He may turn out to be that guy who invites everyone round to show those holiday snaps! He works alongside Graham over two days.

Then we have Scarlett who is Lucy’s younger sister. She has a smile on her face…constantly. Scarlett is trained as a hairdresser (I know…very handy) and works in the ‘toon’ mostly? The two days she works here are filled with helping with the boxes and preparing the vegetables to go into the boxes.

Our final member is Bob. He is the guy on the right. He has been at HexOrg from the beginning. He is the inspiration and driving force. He turns up for work very early and works till very late. Although the oldest member of the crew he is probably the most enthusiastic. He really enjoys learning from the other crew members. He has discovered a love of farming and is currently building a network of individuals who can be of help to a novice farmer and who he can support and guide, in different ways, in return. 

We have two others not on the photo who are are key members of the Crew;

Paul previously worked at the Soil Association for many years. He has also lectured in the science behind farming. He is one of the top soil and crop experts in the UK. He is now the Director of Farm & Commercial Activity at Durham's Houghall College. Paul spends a few days a month with us on the farm. He is a great source of knowledge when it comes to soil analysis, problems with growing and all things scientific. Paul has helped in many ways, particularly when it comes to our soil. In return, we have helped in the ways of running a business. Win Win for both of us. 

Then we have Mark who does an amazing job making sure any pests are kept under control. There are so many pests which can cause damage to crops and Mark ensures any damage is kept to an absolute minimum.

And of course the final member of the team is me. I love working with our Crew, it is a happy Crew and we all work together to help grow the very best organic vegetables we can. 

Thank you for placing your orders in early, before ‘Midnight Monday’. This helps us to consider the logistics behind the harvesting, preparing and delivering your 

Fresh Local Organic boxes. 

Still Stay Safe,