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More Sunny Weather

More Sunny Weather

Hello Everyone,

Well, Bob and I have been able to crack on with our work in the greenhouse, polytunnels and to our delight……outside! The weather has made working really comfortable. Well that is…..except when the polytunnels were showing 30’C on the thermometer. Generally the greenhouse and tunnels are watered occasionally during this time of the year. Outside never needs to be watered this time of the year. However, we are having to water inside and outside on a daily basis at the moment…….who would have thought….in February!!

Our crops and seedlings are relishing this sun light and heat. As of this week we have ten hours of sunlight….hooray!

The seedlings in the greenhouse are nearly ready to be moved to the tunnels! However, as we all know, the weather will cool dramatically over the coming days. We will not be placing them anywhere for a few more weeks.

The over wintering crops are blooming. Just look at our Russian Kale above. We must have had three or four harvests from our kale so far this winter season. However, we have to say that the next harvest is looking so healthy. As are the assorted leaves of rocket, spinach, lettuce, mustards and the Kohl Rabi. Our next lot of brassicas are also looking lush.

The new seeds sown in the polytunnels have started to show. As have a few weeds. However, our new ‘no-dig’ approach has reduced the weeds so much that any weeds are easily seen and can easily be removed. That makes us both so happy…..the easier the better, so, fingers crossed the weeds can be kept at-bay.

Inside the tunnels, Bob has sown and planted so much these last few days – following the plan we have Shallots, Chard, Spinach, Leaves, Rocket, Kohl Rabi, Peas and early Potatoes.

Outside Bob has sown the Jerusalem Artichokes in our new ‘no-dig’ area in the Pond Field. This is the first crop to be planted out, outside, this year. How fab is that! The outside early potatoes are going out over the next day or two.

I have tidied the herd garden – cut back last years old growth and prepared the way for this years new growth. I will be adding to the choice of herbs we will be growing this year.

So, yes, we have been busy,

Till next week, take care,