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More to Harvest

More to Harvest

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are still Staying Safe and are very well.

Here, on the farm, we have had yet another busy week. The polytunnels are all looking fine and ready for the autumn/winter season. The outer areas are more or less in operation. We do have an issue with an area which, obviously had to be in the middle of the field! With all the rain we have been having, we now have a very wet and soggy part to the field. We intend to dig a drain into this area over the winter period. The remaining areas of the field are in good production……the Cabbages are heavy, the Jerusalem Artichokes are prolific, the Calabrese just keeps on giving, the Cauliflowers have been just as good as the indoor Cauli’s, the Celeriac is bulbing nicely, the Brussel Sprouts (picture above) are sprouting and the Garlic and Onions are in and under cloches.

The crops harvested from the outside are now inside and stored. Storing our organic produce is one of our many logistical problems we have to solve. As our customer numbers increase, so the produce needs to increase. Our storage area also needs to increase. While packing the bags and boxes it can become a little bit of a puzzle to be solved, with all the stored produce around. We have plans to resolve this challenge….look out for an update in the next few weeks.

Kate, our mummy pig (Sow), is nice and cosy in her own little pen. She is living next to the chickens, so is not at all lonely. However, she could possibly need a break from the chickens as they will constantly bother her around feeding time. No matter how many times Kate will budge them away, those chickens just keep going back into her pen! Kate is looking very pregnant now with a big, fat belly. Bob says the piglets will arrive early November, I say mid to late November (November already!!!!). We shall see who is correct….?

Thank you to our lovely customers for placing your orders as early as possible. It is a huge help to us, especially as the nights are getting darker much earlier. We hope you enjoyed receiving your organic goodies at a reasonable time of the day last week. We hope to do the same each week as the days draw in. So, please may you continue with early ordering. This week we are expecting to be even busier and we will remove the bespoke offering on Tuesday….sorry.

Fingers crossed for a good week,